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Indecision over demolition permit for church building leading to frustration.

Katie Tower Published on October 29, 2014


(Retort to this article By: Demian Hammock). The views expressed here are of my own volition and not that of the organization of Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage (SPLASH).

This article indeed indicates how the individuals who are responsible for communication for the Town in this case being the Chair David Bruce and the Town appointee Ron Corbett have unequivocally failed at their jobs. In positions like this require diligence, patience, due process. It does not require the badgering of the committee who are concerned individuals who are not on the payroll, nor elected officials who are also paid via the taxpayers.

The delay of this demolition permit has everything to do with arrogance and hubris . This process has to be expedited, not correct, just because you are a Landlord in this case being the Lafford’s does not mean you get preferential treatment.

At this Heritage Board meeting they were over 10 people from organization (SPLASH), we also had a lawyer present in case the board had any questions.

The Lafford’s on the other hand chose not to show up at all at this meeting, I guess they assume this was a slam-dunk. They were wrong. One who acts as his own lawyer, as the old saying goes is a fool. Also when one makes an assumptions they make an ass of themselves.

The Heritage Board committee body nor (SPLASH) are responsible for any delays, this delay was brought on by the wonderful and incredible diplomatic skill of the Chair David Bruce of the committee of The Heritage Broad also the Towns representative on this board Town Councillor Ron Corbett.

As someone with a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and someone who has dealt with diplomatic issues of this nature, I would have a very serious talk with these individuals about their positions and how these individuals choice to engage in an inappropriately and disrespectfully way with the committee and the community at large. Having a title or being elected Town Counselor doesn’t give you the right to act in such an immature and childish manner. Such as walking out in the middle of a meeting and quitting because you have not gotten your wishes immediately as was done by the Chair and the Town appointee. God forbid others have the chance to view their points of view.

As citizens we should expect better than this. These individuals who are in a position of leadership if anything should be a beacon of maturity and stature.

Our organization has been in touch with the University,  the head of the Communications Department at Mount Allison unfortunately indicated he be of no value. If a Communications Department is not to communicate , I would asked the question what is their job?

As a result had to go to a higher authority at the University. I had a very nice chat with Vice-President, Finance and Administration Robert Inglis. I have known Rob for many years; he’s always proven to be thoughtful, diligent and professional. He insured me that he would pass the message along to the President of the University, for which I am very grateful. We graciously await the response from the University and President of Mount Allison University about this matter; hopefully they are able to handle this more professional and thoughtful way than the Town. Let’s not forget that this building the old United Church has incredible historical link to the University.

Let keep in mind that SPLASH, is an organization that is working diligently and for free, most of whom of our seniors, who have a great attachment to this Town , we have a petition of over 400 people and have raised a considerable amount of money by ourselves. We also have the support of Mount Allison alumni as a motion was passed to support in recognizing this building as historically significant. One should not forget the individuals that signed this petition and alumni who passed a motion of support do donate quite heavily to the University and the Town, if I were representing the University or the Town I would use very respectful dialogue and empathy when concerning this structure which is in the heart of Sackville  and has important historical links to both stakeholders. Citizens appreciate what each of the stakeholders can bring something to the table, as opposed to saying the other party should solely do something. Ownership is leadership.

Sincerely – Demian Hammock
(BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts & Diploma of Advance Studies Human Resource Management.


Demolition permit for former United Church remains before heritage board


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(HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM, Sackville, NB – Host Demian.

Prof Michael Fox – Professor of the Department of Geography and Environment at Mount Allison University. Author of (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation).

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Disclaimer – By: Demian Hammock.

CHMA 106.9 FM – Does not nor do any of the guests on this show take a stance or endorse) the organization of Splash. (Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage.) These guests only represent their basic opinions and not the organization that they work for. The agenda is for local citizens and basic views on why (PLACE) matters to them.

Suggested Reading – By: Demian Hammock, host of  (HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM

 Book (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)


Author – Prof. Michael Fox.  Mount Allison University – Dept: GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENT


Dr. Michael Fox Professor –  Area’s of expertise. Transportation issues, geographic education, innovation and diffusion of technology in schools, and community-based planning.

 (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)

The Town and Gown concept is an ideal model for identifying and dealing with these community concerns”  Dr. Michael Fox Professor

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The Creative Class - is a posited socioeconomic class identified by American economist and social scientist Richard Florida – For info click on link below!



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Help Us Save This Landmark To Sackville Skyline.

United Church Sackville NB, Re – Purpose (Donate) Non Secular .Sackville Splash Church Community Project.

Splash People Sackville Leading Action to Save Heritage.

Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage is a group of concerned Sackville citizens that want to save the former Sackville United Church.

Interim Chair – John Duchemin.

Administered By: Demian Hammock – Resource Support.

Demian Hammock
(BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts & Diploma of Advance Studies Human Resource Management.