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Letter to the Editor 

As the Sackville Heritage Board deliberates the demolition permit application put   forward by Lafford Realty concerning the former United Church building, there is still valuable information to consider.

As mentioned in the newspaper article in the Tribune-Post on October 29, 2014, there is a report from heritage consultant, Murray Miller that has not been discussed.  Miller is a specialist in heritage conservation and management, and his report has recommendations for the town concerning the former United Church building, that the Heritage Board has not been able to look at.   I have been present at the last few meetings and the by-law for the demolition permit is very complicated.  The request for the demolition permit was put forth in August 2014 and it is not a decision that should be made without due consideration and study.  Once the building is gone it will be gone forever! The former United Church building was recognised as a heritage building in Sackville and a motion was passed through Town Council stating that it is an iconic and important building in Sackville.

I am part of a group SPLASH (Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage) and we do not want to see this building demolished.  We have put in three separate offers to purchase the building.  The last offer was for $125,000 cash and another $50,000 cash payable within six months.  This is money that was raised in pledges from people of Sackville who do not want the building torn down.  All of our offers were rejected by the owners of the building.  We have SPLASH cash cans located around town at retail outlets that continually bring in coins and bills from the townspeople of Sackville that support us in not wanting the building torn down.  We also submitted a petition to Town Council, of over 400 names of people that do not want the building torn down.  We have incorporated as Sackville Society for Heritage and Culture and have a website (www.sackvillesplash.org).  The website has a donation button that continually brings in donations to save the building.  This iconic building will be 140 years old in 2015 and it would be a shame to lose the beautiful architecture and stained glass rose windows in our Sackville streetscape in the heart of down town.

SPLASH members purchased and placed buckets in the sanctuary.  I have personally emptied buckets full of rain water to stop water damage in the sanctuary.  We want to save the heritage Casavant pipe organ, and the pews in the sanctuary from water damage.  We recently saw that all these buckets were thrown outside, and were told that we could no longer go into the building.

We have been fundraising for over a year to repair the roof.  Last fall, we had a number of companies come for estimates but none would give us a price.  We wondered why that was.  None of the companies would answer our inquiries.   It is hard to repair a building that is not owned by you.  SPLASH has tried to stabilize the building, which was the advice from Chris Borgal, who is a well known Toronto based heritage architect that visited Sackville last fall.  Borgal toured the former UC building and found it structurally sound, and recommended that it definitely should be preserved and re-purposed.  Borgal has worked on high profile restorations, encouraging communities to preserve the important properties and re-purpose them. This has proven to play a role in successful community development.   A community that does not make the effort to recognize and preserve its heritage icons is destroying itself from within.  People are not attracted to visit as tourists, nor to relocate to a community that looks uninteresting and not cared for. They will find places more interesting to live in and to spend their money.

SPLASH is also waiting for an answer from the Heritage Minister of New Brunswick.  The application to declare the former UC building a provincial heritage building was submitted three years ago, and we have again put it forth to the new Minister, Mr. Bill Fraser for an immediate decision.

When a prominently located property of significant heritage and architecture is sold or bought, and there is a threat of demolition, it should be expected that the community would feel that this is of grave concern. A community initiative that would breathe new life into an old structure must be considered. When the former UC building was purchased, no one thought it would be torn down.  Everyone believed it would be re-purposed.  The Heritage Board has only had since August to look into this.  They need time to make their decision.



Demian Hammock – SPLASH members


Sackville Heritage Board Awaiting Salvage Plans from JR Lafford

November 7, 2014 in Boardwalk Radio | Tags: demolition, heritage board, JR Lafford, New Brunswick, Sackville, united church

“The Sackville, New Brunswick Heritage Board, whose municipally-mandated mission is to protect historic architecture, is awaiting an explanation of salvage plans from real estate developer JR Lafford before they can approve the demolition of the former United Church at the corner of Bridge and Main Street. Staff reporter Emma Bass speaks with Erin Steuter, a sociology professor at Mount Allison University who sits on the Heritage Board. Steuter explains that Lafford will only be authorized to demolish the building once they provide plans for the dismantling of the building, and the storage of important architectural features, including the church’s pipe organ, heritage woodwork and stained glass windows.”




Don’t Let  This Be The Next Headline !

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(HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM, Sackville, NB – Host Demian.

Prof Michael Fox – Professor of the Department of Geography and Environment at Mount Allison University. Author of (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation).

Manager of International Affairs – Mr. Adam Christie at Mount Allison University. A Perspective Of What International Students are looking for in (PLACE)?            

Alan Barbour – Perspective From a Business Owner Black Duck and Cafe looking for in (PLACE)?                                                                                                                

Lynn McGrath – Perspective From A Senior are looking for in (PLACE)?                     

CHMA radio

Disclaimer – By: Demian Hammock.

CHMA 106.9 FM – Does not nor do any of the guests on this show take a stance or endorse) the organization of Splash. (Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage.) These guests only represent their basic opinions and not the organization that they work for. The agenda is for local citizens and basic views on why (PLACE) matters to them.

Suggested Reading – By: Demian Hammock, host of  (HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM

 Book (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)


Author – Prof. Michael Fox.  Mount Allison University – Dept: GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENT


Dr. Michael Fox Professor –  Area’s of expertise. Transportation issues, geographic education, innovation and diffusion of technology in schools, and community-based planning.

 (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)

The Town and Gown concept is an ideal model for identifying and dealing with these community concerns”  Dr. Michael Fox Professor

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The Creative Class - is a posited socioeconomic class identified by American economist and social scientist Richard Florida – For info click on link below!



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The Old United Church, which can be re-purposed, can act as cross pollination in many regards overcoming the Town-Gown problem and grow the economic benefits for the entire community. – Thoughts – By Demian Hammock, not the view of the organization of Splash.


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