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Demolition permit for former United Church remains before heritage board


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(HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM, Sackville, NB – Host Demian.

Prof Michael Fox – Professor of the Department of Geography and Environment at Mount Allison University. Author of (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation).

Manager of International Affairs – Mr. Adam Christie at Mount Allison University. A Perspective Of What International Students are looking for in (PLACE)?            

Alan Barbour – Perspective From a Business Owner Black Duck and Cafe looking for in (PLACE)?                                                                                                                

Lynn McGrath – Perspective From A Senior are looking for in (PLACE)?                     

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Disclaimer – By: Demian Hammock.

CHMA 106.9 FM – Does not nor do any of the guests on this show take a stance or endorse) the organization of Splash. (Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage.) These guests only represent their basic opinions and not the organization that they work for. The agenda is for local citizens and basic views on why (PLACE) matters to them.

Suggested Reading – By: Demian Hammock, host of  (HR Philosophies,Why (PLACE) Matters!) BFA & Diploma of Advance Studies HR. CHMA Radio 106.9 FM

 Book (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)


Author – Prof. Michael Fox.  Mount Allison University – Dept: GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENT


Dr. Michael Fox Professor –  Area’s of expertise. Transportation issues, geographic education, innovation and diffusion of technology in schools, and community-based planning.

 (Town & Gown: From Conflict to Cooperation)

The Town and Gown concept is an ideal model for identifying and dealing with these community concerns”  Dr. Michael Fox Professor

Website For Book & More Detail – Link Below, ordering info etc.



The Creative Class - is a posited socioeconomic class identified by American economist and social scientist Richard Florida – For info click on link below!



(Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage) Splash or CHMA FM 106.9 do not endorse this book or it’s content.

Profile Story Of The Week!

New urban area’s. The Rise Of Innovation Districts. Can Sackville, NB be an Innovation District?

A New Geography Of Innovation In America.



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Help Us Save This Landmark To Sackville Skyline.

United Church Sackville NB, Re – Purpose (Donate) Non Secular .Sackville Splash Church Community Project.

Splash People Sackville Leading Action to Save Heritage.

Sackville People Leading Action to Save Heritage is a group of concerned Sackville citizens that want to save the former Sackville United Church.

Interim Chair – John Duchemin.

Administered By: Demian Hammock – Resource Support.

Demian Hammock
(BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts & Diploma of Advance Studies Human Resource Management.